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Tips to Have Great Skin

Everyone wants flawless skin. But a beautiful complexion is the result of many factors:  genetics, nutrition, lifestyle and age.   Selecting the correct skin care regimen for your skin and your life stage will help your skin stay healthy and radiant, and the earlier you begin the better. 


The first step is choosing the right facial cleanser: start with a cleanser that rinses clean and thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping it.  If you have acne-prone skin, consider washes that contain salicylic acid to control oil production, benzoyl peroxide to treat pimples or glycolic acid to rid skin of dead skin cells.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, consider cleansers that are non-irritating and contain soothing elements and hydrating ingredients.  Everyone has different skin types and skin conditions and in order to achieve optimum results, make sure you select products that are right for your skin.


Once your skin is clean, protect it from environmental pollutants and sun damage.  The number one way to keep skin healthy is SUNSCREEN.  The sun’s rays cause both immediate and long-term damage including wrinkles, dark spots, loss of firmness and possibly melanoma.  The best way to protect skin is to use an SPF of at least 15 everyday over your moisturizer.  There are moisturizers for every skin type so be sure to select the right one for your skin, making sure that it contains vitamins and nutrients to prevent and restore.


This is the time to “fix” what you feel is broken. If you have acne, use a product containing an antibacterial agent to fight the bacteria which is the culprit that causes pimples.  If your skin tends to be shiny hours before lunch, treat your skin at night with an oil-reducing product containing salicylic acid to minimize oil production.  





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